Marriott Launches Airbnb Rival

Hotel brand Marriott International is about to launch an accommodation rental platform which appears to be intended as an upmarket Airbnb competitor.

Following a successful pilot the company is launching Homes & Villas by Marriott International which will offer rentals of 2,000 premium and luxury homes in over 100 destinations throughout the US, Europe including London, the Caribbean and Latin America. It is inviting homeowners and property managers to apply to list their properties on the platform.

Stephanie Linnartz, Global Chief Commercial Officer, Marriott International commented: “The launch of Homes & Villas by Marriott International reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation as consumer travel needs evolve. What started out as a pilot a year ago is now a global offering, providing our guests with the space and amenities of a home backed by a trusted travel company, and the very best in loyalty benefits.”

In recent years the hotel industry has been increasingly impacted by Airbnb and similar home rental operations – and so has the property letting market. Marriott’s new platform seems to be a measure intended to not only hold on to its market share but to create a new upmarket accommodation rental niche of its own. Ultimately it could also have implications for the high end property market worldwide.

Source Marriott International
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