London’s Latest Royal Resident – Prince Harry’s Girlfriend

Meghan Markle, made famous by US show “Suits,” is now a resident in London as she is shacked up with new boyfriend Prince Harry in his bijou Kensington Palace Home.  The star has uprooted from her Toronto home to move in with Harry as their relationship blossoms and they can no longer spend time apart.

Miss Markle is not yet a princess but the American born actress was seen on Kensington High Street shopping in Whole Foods store. Source; Vimeo

Markle and Prince Harry are staying in William and Kate’s previous family home, Nottingham Cottage in trendy Kensington.  This was also where Prince William and Harry grew up so can be considered an extremely private home to invite his new beau.

Harry revealed this week that he had been seeing the suits star for a number of months but stressed that he wished to keep the couples privacy.  Harry’s relationship with the divorcee has moved from a summer fling in Canada (where the pair met at Trendy Soho house – which must be showing no signs of concerns since their debt crisis) to becoming a serious relationship.

Marcelo has told her producers of Suits that she has to take time off as she has something “important  to do”.  Classy Markle chose to dress in classic English Winter attire, waxed jacket and wellington boots with a poppy pinned to her lapel.

Notably, William, Kate, Prince Charles (who is flying back from Bahrain with wife Camilla) and the Queen will all be in London during this period, reflecting the importance of her trip.  The suits star knew her way around London’s streets, showing that she has frequented the area many times before.

“To come and go at a royal home is a very concrete sign that they have become extremely close” said a courtier. Although linked to a number of women including singer Ellie Goulding, Harry has been single since he split from previous long-term girlfriend Cressida Bonas more than two years ago.

The Kensington Palace home was refurbished in 2011 thanks to the UK tax payers for a cool £4.5 million.

Kensington Palace has been a royal residence since 1689, when King William III and Queen Mary II bought Nottingham House for £20,000. It was subsequently remodelled into the palace by Christopher Wren, the architect behind St Paul’s Cathedral.  It has always been considered one of the least stuffy royal residence which fits Harry’s persona perfectly and would allow the Suits star to settle in to her potential royal lifestyle!

Harry will be in good company as Princess Eugenie moved into one of the other cottages earlier this year where she paid “market rent” for the royal residence.

DMZ is excited to have a new London resident and hope that she can tame the royal rogue and will surely be part of further Americans looking to seek solace in the UK since the US elections!

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