London’s Fort Knox: Developers Convert Old Library Basement Into £30Million Bombproof Storage Vault

Hotshot developers Amazon Property have converted an old library basement into a £30million highly secure storage vault.

It’s been dubbed ‘London’s Fort Knox’ as the vault is nigh-on impenetrable; based 40ft underground it boasts incredibly strong 1 metre-thick concrete and steel walls.

The impressive Armitage building is the new site for London’s most secure storage vault. Source: Armitage Storage.

The high security development, dubbed The Armitage Vaults, is virtually bomb proof, fire-resistant, completely watertight with all safety units individually climate-controlled.

The facility can only be entered through a discrete entrance from Bolsover Street, Marylebone. Visitors are granted access through video entry security doors and are then guided onto a lift downwards into an underground storage space, which is manned by a 24/7  elite security concierge team and extensive CCTV coverage.

Ultimate luxury storage: All units are climate-controlled. Source: Armitage Storage

Armitage’s units range from 6 square foot to 100 square foot in size and the entire development consists of 135 individual vaults spread over three basement floors. Wealthy clients can reserve a vault from £20-£150 a week, with high end luxury apartments in the building also available to rent from £3,000 a month.

On the subject of the vaults clientele, Chris Lanitis, Director of Amazon Property said, “The private clients occasionally bring friends or family to view the artwork and valuables being stored, whilst the corporate clients include private medical outlets and hospitals storing sensitive documents and equipment.”

Originally developed in response to the infamous Hatton Garden heist of April 2015, the underground storage is one of the most secure private storage spaces in the world. It’s reported that around £14million worth of valuables may have been stolen in the Hatton Garden incident, after which London’s largest vault for valuable goods was closed down, leaving a gap in the market for Armitage to take advantage of.

The Armitage site was previously occupied by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) and the basement used to hold the library and equipment for this institute.

Facility users will have peace of mind that their valuables are secure, according to Amazon Property’s chief executive, Charles Gourgey.

“We were inspired by the famous Fort Knox vault in Kentucky and there is nothing else like it in Central London”, claimed Gourgey.

The multi-million pound conversion is finished to a high specification. Source: Armitage Storage.

DMZ thinks the developers have made good use of the available underground space and intelligently fulfilled the demand for highly secure storage space in London.

With £30million invested in the 10,000 sqr ft underground compound it’s obviously a long-term income project, with investors likely to include the very same UHNWI’s that may be using the ultra-secure units themselves. With the pound currently at a 10 year low compared to a multitude of currencies including the US dollar, DMZ are sure these units will be promptly snapped up by foreign buyers.

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