London Resort Theme Park Planning Next Year, Open In 2024

The London Resort theme park planned for Swanscombe in Kent will submit a planning application next year – and is due to open in 2024 – the developers have told Dealmakerz.

The new theme park, believed to involve a £32bn investment, was first proposed in 2012. As well as the park covering 535 acres there could also be 3,500 hotel rooms. The park was originally launched with the support of Paramount Pictures who later withdraw but a new deal has recently been agreed with ITV Studios to use their brands within the attractions.

A spokesman for The London Resort told Dealmakerz: “We expect to submit a planning application in the early part of next year, following a statutory consultation with the local community.  We hope it will be positively received and believe this development will make an enormously positive economic and cultural contribution to not only Kent, but the whole of the UK, acting as a catalyst for wider regeneration for the region.    

“There is further work to be done with the detail designs of the core of the report, while we continue our ongoing dialogue with potential investors and commercial partners, where we remain encouraged by the ongoing appetite to get involved with the project. 

“With planning approval, we would anticipate starting work on site in 2021, with the opening of the first phase in 2024.”

The London Resort proposal has been some time in gestation, leading some to wonder if it will actually materialise. Assuming it does, however, its impact on the regional economy and property market in this part of Kent could be substantial.

Source Dealmakerz
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