London Property Mogul Designs New Garden On Public Road

Property mogul Christian Candy has incensed his Regent park neighbours by getting approval to transform part of a road into a £200 million mansion.

The road transformation is said to cost £26.5 million and is argued to return the space to a John Nash historic garden based design.   This extension is claimed to cause unwanted congestion and heightened risk to cyclists and joggers as the two lane road is turned into one.

Camden Council has recommended the project go ahead for its historic significance.  However, local residence fear that the development would only benefit a single household, are not in line with Nash’s proposals while the disadvantages would only hit the neighbours.

An astonishing 35 of 43 residents objected to the planning permission.  Due to the potential backlash, Camden Council has now recommended it go to a public meeting (September 8th).

A spokesman for the mogul stated “The garden will be true to the original intended purpose of the land as recorded on Ordnance Survey maps dating back to the 1830s.

“The gardens will complement nearby Regent’s Park, add to the aesthetic of Cambridge Terrace and will replace an area of Tarmac and concrete with much needed greenery.

“We have conducted traffic surveys over the last year and the restoration will not lead to congestion. We also intend on replacing all lost parking spaces.”

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