London Housing Gap Wider Than Ever

The gap between the new houses London needs and what is being built is wider than ever, according to the latest research from the London Assembly’s Housing Committee.

London is assessed as needing 66,000 new properties each year but last year it fell short of the target by 24,507 – the largest gap ever. Affordable housing provision was also the lowest in ten years: Only 5,500 affordable homes were build compared with an average of 10,000 annually over the previous decade.

Sian Berry, Chair of the Housing Committee blamed the shortfall on Mayor Sadiq Khan: “The Mayor is letting down Londoners, he promised us more affordable housing but so far has fallen very short of his promises, particularly on social housing which is our greatest need.

“With young and lower-income people suffering the most from the housing crisis, we can’t wait much longer for his policies to kick in.

“The Mayor must fulfil his pledges. It is in his power to ease the housing crisis and meet his targets – especially as he has received new funding.

“There is now no excuse for genuinely affordable housing to be out of reach for Londoners who want a secure home.”

That London’s housing gap is widening rather than shrinking or even staying static ought to be a concern to those with the power to do something about it. Of course, while political pronouncements and funding for schemes to promote new house building are one thing, finding the land, the developers and the finance to actually build them are another.

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