London Airbnb Landlord Makes £11.9m Renting 881 Properties

An Airbnb landlord in London brought in £11.9 million in a single year by renting out 881 properties in the capital, research shows.

It is the highest revenue made by any owner in the world over the past 12 months.

The analysis reveals how Airbnb has shifted from community-based flat sharing to lucrative property management.

In second place was a landlord in the Indonesian holiday island of Bali, who made £11.8 million renting 504 properties over the last year.

Bali has the second-highest earning landlord and the highest average yearly earnings
Source: Pexels


Millions of pounds were also earned by owners renting out flats, rooms and houses in Cape Town, Havana, Sydney, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Melbourne.

The data from Airbnb analysts AirDNA, given to Telegraph Travel, show yearly earnings are highest in Bali, where the average revenue per user is £31,294.

A typical landlord in Tokyo makes £27,581 a year and in London they make an average of £16,003.

Airbnb hosts in Tokyo have the second-highest average earnings
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AirDNA chief executive Scott Shatford said Airbnb is no longer a community just for individuals renting out their space or properties on their own.

“We’re seeing traditional property management companies operating as many as 1,000 listings.

“These numbers don’t show a multimillionaire sitting on a gold mine. These are businesses that have emerged in this new economy, with hundreds of employees, managing other people’s second homes,” he said.

However, a spokesperson for Airbnb said the typical host in the UK earned £3,000 and hosted for three nights a month.

They said the AirDNA data is not official as it has been “scraped”.

The capital was home to the highest-earning Airbnb host last year
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Nevertheless, Shatford said the way Airbnb listings are managed is shifting.

“It’s not a good trend for people who use Airbnb for unique accommodation as an alternative for a traditional hotel,” he said.

“These people want to meet people, and for them it’s getting harder and harder to decipher what is a corporate rental hotel against the one where Jane is going to meet you at the door and tell you all about the cool things to do in town.”

According to AirDNA, 65% of global hosts are individuals and 35% are management companies, but the ratio is shifting quickly in favour of the latter.

Airbnb claimed 80% of its UK hosts are sharing space in their primary home.

The company’s spokesperson said: “The vast majority of Airbnb hosts are regular people who share their homes – typically their greatest expense – to boost their income and support their families.”

“The Airbnb model is unique and empowers regular people, boosts local communities and is subject to local tax. It also makes Airbnb fundamentally different to companies that take large sums of money out of the places they do business” – Airbnb

Airbnb highlighted the hosting limits it implemented in London this year, with the support of the Mayor, which stipulated that entire home listings not be shared for more than 90 days.

Airbnb has 640,000 hosts and 150 million users
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The figures come after estate agent Portico revealed how it is leveraging the business opportunities offered by Airbnb.

It offers an instant Airbnb valuation and a full management service for would-be landlords.

According to Portico, the average two-bedroom London property rented through the platform generates £106 per day.

DealMakerz isn’t surprised estate agents and property management companies are getting in on the action, given how popular Airbnb has become and the lucrative rents being charged.

But it will be interesting to see how the sector fares if the Chancellor decides to scrap rent-a-room relief for short-term lettings.

The real nail in the coffin would be if Hammond follows in the footsteps of Berlin, which has been handing out €100,000 fines to anyone who tries to let more than 50% of their apartment on a short-term basis without a permit from the city.

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