Letter From The Founders

November 2, 2018

Dear Readers,

The real estate sector is poorly serviced by news. Traditional and online news publications have become lazy and uninspired, chasing sensationalist stories in a race for clicks to feed their advertising metrics. The combination of click-bait and articles based on press releases has created a destructive cycle that puts you, the reader, at the bottom of the priority list.

With that in mind, we are launching two new products; a Prime subscription offering that will provide access to regular, in-depth and exclusive articles on key UK real estate topics and Daily Briefings, a consistent stream of relevant real estate stories with personalised commentary and analysis from our reporters.

During a number of discussions we ran through a list of our personal favourite media services – The Economist, Financial Times, Netflix, Sky Sports and Spotify. All high quality, all informative and all entertaining services. All services we pay for. It is our aim to make DealMakerz another quality, value-driven service that places you, the reader, as the top priority by focussing on quality and engaging news.

We started DealMakerz in 2017 hoping to make our mark on the media landscape by doing something new and different. We’re happy with what we have built so far (we hope you are too!) and we feel that now is the right time to deliver more high quality, in-depth reporting to those who are serious about real estate. In order to achieve our objective of top quality, deeply researched articles we are investing in an exceptionally talented team of property reporters and editors, then allowing them do what they do best – focus on creating original, interesting articles.

We would love to hear your view. We have much to do and look forward to adding new features that our subscribers want. For now, we wanted to say thank you for reading and we hope you will continue to enjoy DealMakerz as we take our next steps.

Kind regards,

J.C Wolfcastle & David Goldstein

Founders, DealMakerz.co.uk