Last Ever Knightsbridge Mega Basement Nears Completion, Worth £75m

The last mega basement house likely to be built in Knightsbridge is nearing completion of structural works, and is expected to go on sale at £75m once finished.

Property developer K10 Group is redeveloping Amberwood House on Thurloe Place into what is described as a ‘palatial modern residence’ of 15,300 sq ft. The existing property is being completely reconstructed behind the façade with a 12m deep three storey basement incorporating a cinema/clubroom and 12m pool said to be the largest in Knightsbridge.

The project is proving particularly challenging from a construction point of view as the new basement occupies almost the entire footprint of the site, extending outwards beyond the existing foundations.

A basement of this size – a so-called mega basement – may not be possible again in the area, according to the contractors. Since planning permission for Amberwood House was granted the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea has introduced restrictions to curb so-called iceberg developments – new basements may not exceed 4.5m maximum dig and are not permitted under listed buildings at all.

Impressive though this project is as a piece of engineering, it will also be interesting to see what impact a possible future shortage of large and lavish new basement developments has on the prime central London market.

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