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Jonas Gahr Støre: Norway relaxes coronary artery strictures

Jonas Gahr Støre: Norway relaxes coronary artery strictures

More people are getting infected, but fewer need hospital care. We still have the top left, says Jonas Gahr Stoer.

The new restrictions mean, among other things, that from Friday the sale of alcoholic beverages in the restaurant will again be allowed, but only until 11 pm, and all meals must also take place on tables. One of the most controversial requests has been the ban on alcohol in the restaurant.

Restrictions on nurseries Schools will also be facilitated and will no longer be national but can be organized locally according to the infection situation. Attendance limit for indoor events has been increased to 200 people. The chain system began in many sports and all outdoor exercises are permitted for anyone under the age of twenty.

Quarantine rules are being changed as testing can replace isolation at home.

– Even if we open something, we must bear in mind that we are living in a pandemic with a very dangerous virus, says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store.

Our task now is to make sure that the infection does not increase so quickly and that health and care services are overburdened by the large number of patients and the absence of disease. This means that we cannot completely abandon restrictions.

Norwegians are still recommended To work from home, wear a mouth guard in cramped environments and avoid crowded public transportation.

According to the head of the National Institute of Public Health, Camilla Stoltenberg, the microwave wave and the large spread of infection cannot be stopped, and the remaining restrictions are aimed at easing the peak and ensuring that care is given a reasonable burden.

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