James Bond Star Puts Saving The World To One Side As He Battles Over 50 Foot Tree

Daniel Craig may be more used to battling supervillans and saving the world from imminent disaster.

But the James Bond star and his wife Rachel Weisz are in the centre of a furious argument with their neighbours over a 50 foot tree! Has Daniel finally become the villain?

The couple’s opulent house in North London is said to have caused damage to houses nearby. However, as planning permission to remove the tree is reviewed (with no objections throughout the process), the local community is pushing back, calling the move “unforgivable”.

The house at the center of the tree scandal
Ca-tree-no Royale: The house at the centre of the tree scandal. Source: Public Domain

Neighbour Colin Jacobson described the move as “worrying, upsetting and unnecessary…this tree has been part of my family’s life since we moved here in 1966.”

“It has been a feature of our children’s growing up, always there as a reminder of the beauty of nature in a dense central urban area. These trees are not just aesthetically beautiful, they have been part of this neighbour­hood, its feel, for so long. To have it taken away like this – well, it will be like losing a limb.”

“We have lost so many trees in this stretch over the years. It used to be so, so much greener, with wonderful, mature back gardens throughout the neighbourhood – trees have been continuously cut back over fears of subsidence.”

Conversely, Craig’s next door neighbour has said that the tree has caused cracks to appear at their stunning £5Million Victorian mansion. An engineer’s report into the trees stated that they have “caused subsidence” to a next-door neighbour’s home – causing cracks in their bathroom, two bedrooms, a living room, a conservatory, a utility room and a hallway.

Subsidence specialist Stuart Harris said in a report to the local council that the trees in Ms Weisz’s – who won an Oscar for her role in 2005 movie The Constant Gardener – garden was “clearly the cause of the damage”.

Taken from Planning permission to fell the tree - where we can clearly see the size of the problem!
Taken from planning permission documents to fell the tree – where it’s clear to see the size of the problem!

He states: “The cracks (are) indicative of subsidence as a result of shrinkage of the clay subsoil due to the moisture extracting influence of the left hand neighbour’s (Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz) rear plane trees and pear tree, along with the same neighbour’s front beech trees.

If the tree is felled, it could find a new lease of life. The Town Hall has already been contacted by Camden Town-based joiner Bruce Saunders who has requested that, if it comes down, he can be allowed to remove the wood to turn it into furniture.

007 reportedly splashed $11.5 million on a plush 3-bedroom penthouse in the trendy SoHo area of Manhattan in 2012
Property Mogul: 007 reportedly splashed $11.5 million on a plush 3-bedroom penthouse in the trendy SoHo area of Manhattan in 2012. Source: Public Domain

Mr Craig has refused to comment on the proposals and the couple are not appealing the application. DMZ can only assume he must be shaken (but not stirred) by the feedback to his homes lofty landmark.

Either way, the James Bond star is not going to win over the support of his neighbours. DMZ hopes that the tree does not cause any long term damage, but is also a strong believer in keeping London as green as possible. Let’s hope Bond finds another way to keep all parties in the mater happy.

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