Highgate ‘Party Roof’ Is OK

Noel Fielding the comedian, musician and presenter of The Great British Bake Off has been given planning permission to create a controversial roof terrace above his luxury flat in Highgate.

After an application for the scheme was made in November neighbours in the adjacent flats objected to the scheme on the basis that they would have to suffer ‘increased intrusive noise from parties held on the roof terrace in summer’. Other objections included that it would mean the roof could not be used for solar PV panels together with the fact that it would be out of keeping with the Edwardian building and surrounding conservation area.

In their written planning decision, however, Camden Council dismissed the objections and said that the scheme would not ‘harm the amenity of neighbouring residents’ or affect the views in the conservation area.

The concept of the party wall has been around for centuries, but the concept of the party roof is innovative to say the least. But, no matter what a roof terrace or its cousin the basement development is to be used for, they qualify for planning consent more often than not – and are a no-brainer as a way to add space and value in the London market.

Source Camden Council
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