George Osborne Spends £3m On Ski Chalet

Ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and his wife have spent £3m on a ski chalet, it is reported by several daily newspapers.

The chalet, located in the Swiss resort of Verbier, is said to extend to a relatively compact 190 sq.m. set over three storeys and features an outdoor terrace with spectacular views. More than just a ski resort, however, Verbier is popular with celebrities and is also a particular favourite of the UK Royal Family. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson are said to own a chalet worth £13m here.

Smart though it may be the chalet is a wooden building – and three million pounds is a lot of money to spend on what is basically a glorified wood hut. And, as most ski property experts will tell you, winter is probably the worst time to get a good deal on a ski property. On hearing this news, many might be glad that Osborne is no longer in charge of the nation’s finances.

Source Daily Mail
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