Footballers’ Opulent Mansions Are Virtually Unsaleable

Mansions owned by current and ex Premier League footballers in Cheshire’s sought after Golden Triangle are almost impossible to resell, so says a report.

The Manchester Evening News says the apparently unsaleable properties include Ashley Ward’s £13.5m mansion unsold since 2013, Phil Neville’s Beetham Tower penthouse unsold since 2010, Gareth Barry’s £3.85m mansion unsold for over two years and a £4.5m mansion once rented by Zlatan Ibrahimovic which the current owners cannot sell.

The newspaper suggests that footballers’ mansions are often so opulent and so expensive that they can only be resold to other footballers or very wealthy businesspeople which, in this area, is a small market – especially as many foreign footballers now prefer to rent.

The story quotes local architect Matt McNulty who says: “We are often called in to remodel larger houses and in effect make them more livable. What’s the use of having eight bedroom suites if you don’t use them?

“Trends are definitely changing, away from the super grand and showy mansions and our job is to help clients make informed decisions so they can create the home where they are comfortable.”

He adds: “The foreign players do prefer to rent, and the same properties are often rented on a regular basis as players come and go. The British players are more happy to build or refurbish an existing property and want to make a home not a showcase.”

There is an old adage that the best property investment is the worst house in the best street. This story seems to illustrate that the reverse is also true. That is, buying the best house in the best street and pouring even more money into it to make it even more opulent is not a smart way to invest your money.

Source MEN
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