Even Some Property Tycoons Can’t Afford London

A budding young property tycoon who has built a portfolio of six properties worth over £1.5m still cannot afford to buy a property in London, a report says.

According to the Daily Mail Emily Evans, 30, has built a £1.5m property portfolio by buying and renovating houses in the south west of England – including a single renovation which returned a £65,000 profit. However she says that she still cannot afford to buy a single property in London where she works, and rents there instead.

Evans puts her success down to her understanding of the property finance market, ability to spot properties where value can be added together with releasing the profit made from one project to use in the next. She says that she aims to become ‘the Martin Lewis of the property world.’

While the report takes something of a sensationalist approach in a style for which the newspaper is renowned it does make a serious point: Even though the London market confounds astute investors elsewhere in the country the fundamentals of successful property investing still hold good.

Source Daily Mail
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