How An Entrepreneur Built A £1.4M Property Portfolio Before The Age Of 30

Emily Evans’ journey from broken home to property mogul with a portfolio worth nearly £1.4 million is a real rags-to-riches story.

What’s even more impressive is that Evans managed to build up her huge portfolio before hitting 30 years-old.

She’s bought seven houses and still owns six of them – something the vast majority of Generation Rent can only dream of.

Evans bought her first property at the age of 19 and sold it three years later, by which time it was worth £50,000 more than she’d paid for it.

Her portfolio is now worth nearly £1.4 million and generates more than £63,000 a year in rent, while her real estate business turns over another £120,000 a year.

She’s also in demand on TV, appearing on Sky’s Property Channel and acting as an adviser on Homes Under The Hammer and the George Clarke shows.

“I approached the government to appoint me as a housing adviser because something needs to be done to help Generation Rent,” Evans, who comes from Bridgwater in Somerset, told The Metro.

“I don’t know much about politics but we’ve had eight housing ministers in eight years and what I do know is that they know nothing about the property market. The government hasn’t taken me up on my offer yet, but they should because I’m not going to stop banging on about this until somebody listens.”

Evans comes from a broken home, her dad spent time in prison and she left her failing comprehensive with a handful of qualifications that would never get her to university.

“My childhood was pretty tough,” she said. “I could have gone off the rails. Instead, I put all my energy into making money. I got my first job as a cleaner when I was 12, earning £2.50 an hour.

“And while I was never good at maths, I realised I had a good head for figures and that if I wanted to get out of the poverty trap, I had to work hard because there was no one to help me financially or to bail me out.”

Evans was introduced to the world of property aged 18, when she landed a job with an estate agent as a sales negotiator. The commissions soon came rolling in and she was bitten by the property bug.

But being a young female in the notoriously male-orientated world of property and finance has not been plain sailing.

“I have encountered sexism, bullying and harassment,” she said. “But I have never tolerated that kind of behaviour from men who feel jealous or threatened by the fact I am a successful woman. That was one of the contributing factors to me starting my own business.”

Evans has now moved to London to further her TV career and, ironically, is renting a house in Wimbledon.

“So I’m now looking for property number eight. A property investor once advised me to take risks and said he’d rather go bankrupt for a million pounds than a thousand. So I did. And they seem to be paying off,” she said.

DMZ thinks Evans is a great role model for her generation and that the government would do well to listen to her advice.

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