Emoov Founder Quirk Returns To Estate Agency Business

Russell Quirk, the original founder of online estate agency Emoov which collapsed last December, has returned to the estate agency business it is reported.

Quirk has become an investor and director in Keller Williams’ new Market Centre for Essex, alongside cousin Anthony Quirk and Mark Readings who also have previous experience in online estate agency. Keller Williams operate a franchise style model which where franchised Market Centres work with local self employed estate agents on a commission sharing basis.

Quirk told the Property Industry Eye website: “Months of contemplating and reflection have led me to invest in Keller Williams as the brand and model that has the potential to be one of the biggest estate agency businesses in the UK in addition to its worldwide status.

“It’s not until you push the boundaries of the industry as Mark, Anthony and I have done that you start to see that customers will pay a decent fee for decent attention and that this can be achieved by recruiting a significant number of motivated, ambitious local agents that will have the ability to earn proper money.”

Before its spectacular failure and subsequent sale to new owners Quirk built Emoov from nothing to near-household name on the back of an impressive ability for raising funding. So his re-entry into the market will raise many eyebrows in the industry. Many will wonder whether Keller Williams should be delighted that Quirk has joined them, or nervous.

Source Property Industry Eye
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