De Niro Opens New Shoreditch Nobu Restaurant With East-meets-West Vibe

Property mogul Robert De Niro along with co founder Matsushisa Nobu are expanding further into London with their new Nobu Restaurant in Shoreditch.

The Nobu Hotel Shoreditch opened for business on Saturday 1 July, building on an ongoing global accommodation rollout by the firm.

Source: Nobu

“London is one of the most exciting and cosmopolitan cities in the world,” De Niro said.

The Nobu hotel launch in the city is just one of many worldwide openings. Nobu Hotels can also be found in Miami, Manilla, Las Vegas, Malibu and Ibiza, while a venue in Saudia Arabia capital Riyadh will open this autumn.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch opened in the heart of the city’s artistic quarter, bringing the celebrity chef’s Peruvian-influenced Japanese cuisine and luxury property to the British capital.

Set back from Great Eastern Street, the hotel features 143 guest rooms, seven suites, and a 240-seat restaurant which will serve his signature cuisine along with local, Shoreditch-inspired menus and cocktails.

Source: Nobu

Along with attracting international travellers, the chef is also hoping to assert a bigger presence in London, as Nobu Hotel Shoreditch marks his third restaurant in the city.

Diners looking for a more intimate experience can also book a spot on the 10-seat sushi bar, or at the 18-seat chef’s table.

Source: Nobu

To make the luxury property more accessible for regular passers-by, the hotel also features a public “pocket garden,” in the aim of serving as a small oasis in East London.

Behind the Nobu Shoreditch bar, an eclectic collection of vintage sakes, limited edition Japanese whiskies and rare champagnes are displayed for the discerning drinker.

Source: Nobu

The property is instantly recognisable on the street by its cantilevered steel beams and overhanging floor slabs.

Overseen by executive chef Greg Seregithe, the menu features many of Nobu’s timeless dishes, such as black cod miso and yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno, as well as plates inspired by the creativity and vibrancy of London.

Reached via a grand staircase, the hotel is bathed in natural light from the five-metre tall glass doors leading out to the charming Nobu Terrace.

Nobu Matsuhisa said he remembers the skepticism when he wanted to open a restaurant in London, shortly after his first project with the actor Robert de Niro opened in New York in 1994.

“They said, ‘Why go to London? London food is bad,’” he says. “It was a challenge to bring my style of food here. I am very excited about London’s big changes in the last 20 years.”

There are now more than 30 Nobu restaurants around the world, but the hotels are much more recent. The first opened in 2013 in Las Vegas. Matsuhisa says it was all De Niro’s idea.

“A lot of people ask us to open restaurants in somebody’s hotel,” he says. “De Niro already had experience of owning hotels—very good hotels, and he said, ‘Nobu, why don’t you open a Nobu hotel?’”

He says London was the obvious choice for his first hotel in Europe.

“It had to be London” he says. “It is such a big city and so cosmopolitan. Already, we have a lot of customers here and people traveling the world, international people, come to London.”

DMZ likes the choice De Niro and Matsuhisa have made by choosing the ever cosmopolitan Shoreditch as their newest location. The area has seen huge expansion in the last 5 years and in our opinion is a much better selection verses a tired (and potentially stuffy) Mayfair scene. Shoreditch has a lot of potential diners from the ever-expanding Tech City – the combination of the hotel plus fine dining seems like another smart move by the movie star, breathing further confidence into a post-Brexit London.

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