Has It Come To This? Croydon Agent Dresses As Bear In Marketing Pictures

2017 hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park for most agents across the UK, but one agent has resorted to desperate measures in an attempt to shift a 2 bedroom apartment in Croydon.

In a bizarre strategy, Benson & Partners have uploaded a Rightmove listing that includes multiple pictures of an orange bear sauntering around the property in a number of cringeworthy situations.

Enough talking, here are the pics in their full glory:

Source: Rightmove
Source: Rightmove
Source: Rightmove
Source: Rightmove


DealMakerz also found an older listing in which the bear was also used in nearly all the property’s marketing pictures.

All this begs the question: why?

There is no mention of the bear at any point in the text on either listing, nothing available on Benson & Partner’s website to suggest its a marketing campaign and no mention that it is linked to any bear charity fundraiser. This leads us to the conclusion that the agent has hired a bear costume in an honest attempt to market the property.

Croydon is one of the fastest growing areas in London, with a new Westfield shopping centre on the way and billions of regeneration investment in tow – the area near enough markets itself.

Surely dressing in a bear costume isn’t the best, or most professional way to market an asset worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. If a wealth manager who was pitching to manage £200,000 of your hard earned cash turned up to the meeting in a bear costume, would you feel confident trusting them?

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