Candys Buy Children A £1.2m Playhouse

Property mogul Christian Candy and his wife Emily have bought their four children a £1.2m house to help them gain an understanding of the property development business.

The Daily Mail says that the couple have bought the three bedroom property in Windsor, adjoining Windsor Castle, as a project for their children – two six year old twins, a four year old and a two year old – to ‘play with’.

Emily Candy is said to have told the newspaper: “We wanted a project for the kids to get involved in so they understand what Daddy does for a living.

“They designed the garden together and they come with me most days, helping with garden clearance and that sort of thing for pocket money.

“It’s a charming three bedroom house which backs on to Windsor Castle which we bought for under the asking price.”

While the Daily Mail presents the story in typical Daily Mail fashion it does, perhaps, pose a very serious question: If the Candys’ children are dabbling in property with a £1.2m project right now – what sort of multi-billion pound property developments might they be pursuing in twenty years time?

Source Daily Mail
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