Candy Buying Up The Neighbourhood

Billionaire property tycoon Christian Candy has bought up large parts of the neighbourhood around his Surrey home to create one huge estate, a report in the Daily Mail says.

Candy has not only spent £30m buying the mansion where he and his family live, but another £20m buying up four adjacent properties including a £9m mansion which he demolished to build a driveway. It adds, however, that he has not as yet managed to buy up a £2m cottage and a waterworks which his estate now surrounds.

The newspaper report quotes a source who says: “He said he had had enough of living in London. He wanted to get out somewhere that was quieter, safer and had more space for his kids to grow up in and do things like horseriding.”

Although the report takes the stance that this is a billionaire throwing his wealth around for no other reason than he can, others will see that this is more likely to be a very shrewd long term property investment strategy by Candy. Combining several small, disjointed plots in a high value area will ultimately create one very large and unique mega-value plot that is only likely to appreciate in value over time.

Source Daily Mail
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