Brexit Won’t Batter Us, Mogul Says

Property mogul Nowsad Gani says that Brexit won’t adversely affect the UK property market, and that he is looking for more property deals as a result.

Speaking in an interview with the Evening Standard Gani, who is CEO of Ganco Assets, says that the underlying shortage of housing in the UK means that the market should not be harmed by Brexit.

Gani told the newspaper: “Fundamentally, this country has a housing shortage, and offices are still needed in cities. That underlying demand won’t disappear.

“The market may see more price falls. We are well placed to take advantage of that in the knowledge that these bargains will only last for a short period before everyone starts piling into London again.”

Ganco Assets own an extensive portfolio of London residential and commercial property and also has a planning and management division. Gani says that he wants to invest in the social housing market for the first time, creating up to 1,000 apartments over three years.

Source Evening Standard
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