Birmingham To Get £25m Surfing Centre

A planning application has been made to develop a 15 acre surfing centre on a site at Coleshill just to the east of Birmingham.

The application has been made by Emerge Surf Birmingham who are proposing to invest £25m in a 5.4 acre surf lagoon utilising artificial wave technology, plus an outdoor heated swimming pool, electric skateboard track and related leisure facilities.

The scheme is designed to exploit the growing popularity of surfing in a central England location which has poor access to the sea and aims to attract 250,000 visitors annually. Steve Price, founder, and CEO of Emerge Surf says: “We’re confident that bringing a little slice of the ocean to Birmingham will deliver a positive social impact and boost mental and physical wellbeing.”

The wider area is already seeing substantial development plus plans for more, with the future HS2 station and UK Central Hub project nearby. If the plans for Emerge Surf Birmingham progress they will most likely contribute to the area’s growing reputation as a development hotspot.

Source Surfer Today
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