Billionaire Candy Crushes Residents’ Dreams As £200 Million Mansion Garden Approved in Regents Park

Billionaire Property mogul and alleged ‘bully’ Christian Candy has won a year long battle with furious neighbours to reinstate a private garden outside his £200million mansion.

As previously reported by DMZ, World-renowned scholars, doctors, entrepreneurs and other wealthy residents on Regent’s Park’s most exclusive streets all lodged a string of complaints with Camden Council about Mr Candy’s proposal, where they stated Candy was making a “misrepresentation of history” and was “offensive”.

Christian Candy has won his battle with his distinguished London neighbours over plans for a new garden outside his mansion. Face of the business and younger brother Nick seen here being interviewed. Source: Youtube

Last September Camden Council rejected the property developer’s plans to return part of the one-way street outside Regent’s Park. Mr Candy’s development team was ‘extremely disappointed’ with the decision and Jonathan Hockley, from the planning inspectorate, has now reversed the decision, saying Mr Candy’s plans would ‘undoubtedly enhance’ both the character and appearance of the conservation area.

Candy is pushing ahead with his plans. His proposals for the plot, which cost £26.5million according to Land Registry, were criticised by neighbours who said the removal of one road lane would impact the safety of joggers and cyclists, cause congestion and mean a loss of public space.

In September, following months of consultations, the proposals went to a planning meeting at Camden Council. Neighbour Francesca Cordeiro produced evidence by leading Nash expert and Oxford University professor Dr Geoffrey Tyack which claimed the garden was never actually proposed by the famous architect.

They also claimed the garden, which would take over part of the road, would create gridlock for motorists.

The Crown Estate Paving Commission, which manages and maintains areas of crown land around Regent’s Park and Carlton House Terrace, has contradictory thoughts as they supported the existence of the original garden. This evidence led to Candy being able to push forward with his super garden.

In a report for the council, a planning officer said: “The evidence provided by the applicant regarding the former garden on the site is considered to be sufficient to re-create a garden in the same location.

“Whilst the proposal may not exactly follow Nash’s plan, it is considered to be generally in keeping with the original plan for the area and the wider aims of the Crown Estate Paving Commission.”

A spokesman for Christian Candy said: “The plans to restore six to 10 Cambridge Terrace include turning an area of private road at the front of the property into a garden, which will be visible from the street.  “The garden will be true to the original intended purpose of the land as recorded on Ordnance Survey maps dating back to the 1830s.

“The gardens will complement nearby Regent’s Park, add to the aesthetic of Cambridge Terrace and will replace an area of Tarmac and concrete with much needed greenery.  We have conducted traffic surveys over the last year and the restoration will not lead to congestion. We also intend on replacing all lost parking spaces.  We have received a great deal of support in the community for this development. This redevelopment plans to create three new residences from what were previously offices.  This is not a ‘mega mansion’ being developed for the use of one beneficiary.  We are disappointed that the misunderstood views of a vocal minority of residents are being reported so widely in the media without proper consideration of the facts.”

DMZ sees this as another big win for the Candy Brothers and truly hope that they will be able to keep nearby neighbours happy while also keeping with the historical appeal of the area.

The brothers face bigger problems than a garden battle, their court case with ex-business college Mark Holyoake still looms large over the Billionaire siblings. Mr Justice Nugee is due to hand down his judgment later in the year.

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