Bigger Swimming Pools Are A ‘Marketing Weapon’

Ever bigger private swimming pools are increasingly being used as a marketing weapon in luxury London housing developments, so says a report quoting a high end agent.

Peter Wetherell, Chief Executive of Wetherell, made the claim as the company redeveloping London’s Centrepoint tower with luxury flats unveiled what it says is the longest ever private pool. At 30m it beats the previous longest pool of just 25m

The report in Homes & Property suggests that a 50m private pool may not be far off.

Wetherell says that pools are “the latest weapons in an arms race between London’s super prime developers, who are all wanting to build the longest swimming pool, the largest gym and the most luxurious health spa.” He adds: “The super rich all want to live forever. My clients are anything from 28 to 82 – but the common thing they all want is access to pools and health spas within the residences they own in central London.”

Being objective now, in 2019 a swimming pool is hardly a super luxury feature. If adding some length to your pool gives a luxury development some ‘my pool is bigger than your pool’ sales clout then it might suggest that high end buyers are actually not as sophisticated as we sometimes think.

Source Homes & Property
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