Bezos Buys Trio Of New York Apartments For $80m

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is buying a penthouse apartment in Manhattan, together with two adjacent apartments, for a ‘job lot’ price around $80m a number of US sources are reporting.

The reports say that Bezos, recently divorced from his wife MacKenzie, is completing the sale of the 10,000 sq ft three floor penthouse apartment at 212 Fifth Ave., as well as the two apartments on the floor directly beneath it. The penthouse at the top of the 23 storey building already has a luxury specification, five bedrooms, a roof terrace and views over New York. They claim he is planning to merge the properties into one ‘mega apartment’.

The New York Post reports a source who says: ““The residents are all buzzing about it. They are so excited to have him as a neighbour because it means their apartment prices will go up.”

New York has plenty of super prime property to choose from so it is, perhaps, quite strange to see a $140-billionaire buy up a relatively modest $80m property like this. Local real estate agents will be watching with interest to see if having Bezos as a neighbour really does elevate the value of the building, and so what the completed four storey mega apartment will be worth.

Source New York Post
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