Airbnb Poised To Disrupt Housing Design Business

Airbnb is to move into the business of designing homes via its new Backyard project, which it is expected will be unveiled in 2019.

It is reported that Backyard will introduce new concepts, including rethinking designing housing based around a system for living rather than simply a physical property.

Properties designed under Backyward will be ‘Airbnb optimal’, ie. suitable for short term rental and co-living but not exclusively so as single family and even multi-family designs will be offered. It is said that they are also likely to incorporate technologies such as modular building and smart home technology.

Founder Joe Gebbia is reported to have said that Backyard is “an endeavour to design and prototype new ways of building and sharing homes.”

Airbnb has so far been quite vague about what Backyard will encompass. However at this stage it’s difficult to forecast how concepts such as co-living and modular building – which the UK has not yet really embraced – would work should Backyard be offered here.

Source The Times
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