Agents & Developers: 4 Winning Marketing Strategies For Your Property

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Whether you’re an agent wanting to secure quality renters and buyers for your clients, or a developer looking to sell new stock quickly, a strong integrated and multi-channel marketing approach that reaches and engages with your audiences is essential in today’s competitive and digitally-led market.

A clear plan

While it takes a bit of effort to craft a well-rounded property marketing strategy, the effort pays off. Having clear objectives and plan in place helps direct what you need to do and how to measure, attribute and improve impact.

We’ve drilled down in to the elements that help make a powerful property marketing campaign to ensure you’re doing everything possible to generate more leads for your stock online.

Lay a good foundation

Like the building itself, a good property marketing campaign starts with a solid foundation. Adding well presented listings to your website is a good place to start expanding your audience base through digital media, but leading a targeted audience to your ‘enquire now’ button through a variety of other channels is necessary in order to secure quality leads, and lots of them.

There are a variety of ways for agents and developers to market their properties in the digital realm.

The most popular of these is through portals, your search engine optimised agency website, online and social media advertising and targeted emails. The key to choosing the right mix of channels is the target audience. And ensuring your campaign engages them.

If you’re targeting an older audience, make sure the visitors to your portal site fit this demographic. Likewise, audience bases on social media platforms vary too – you’re unlikely to find an older audience on Instagram for example. Consider the channels which best fit your property seekers and use those to build your integrated campaign.

If you build it they will come

As with any advertising campaign, it’s essential to tailor your messages to both your target audience and the channel through which they’ll be broadcast. Think about what you want them to know, feel and do. Social media adverts that are short and snappy about a unique property feature and clear call to action, for instance, can deliver up more information when the audience clicks through to the property listing, if their interest has been piqued. With an email, there’s room to include slightly more information, so highlighting the property’s key benefits is easier to accommodate.

Have your target home seeker in mind when developing your advertisements so you ensure you include the essential information about your property your prospective buyers or renters desire. For example, a one bedroom flat in the city centre is unlikely to appeal to a family, therefore information about local schools is probably unnecessary, whereas commute times and local amenities are more relevant.

Make a house a home

Your property listing is where all the carefully composed and targeted advertising is signposting prospective home movers to, so now is the chance to really sell them on this property. And on the lifestyle owning this property will give. It’s easy to snap a few pictures and write a factual description of a property, but the art of turning a house into a home within a neighbourhood is trickier to master.

Your overview description should be informative, clear and concise to immediately hook in your target audience. Don’t waste space with repetitive phrases that don’t provide information to prospects, such as ‘We are delighted to present’. The main description can then paint a more detailed picture of what it would be like to live in the property, using descriptive language.

Don’t waste space with repetitive phrases that don’t provide information to prospects, such as ‘We are delighted to present’

Imagery is key for a successful property listing, and can be a deciding factor in whether someone will arrange a viewing. Take a little time to capture the property at its best; a well made bed and closed wardrobe doors can transform a photo, and remove bin bags and wheelie bins for exterior shots. Make your listing feel current by matching the weather in exterior photos to the current season.

You can always enhance your photos post-shoot if you need to, there are a number of tools available that can improve lighting, grey skies and even remove objects. It’s worth swapping the images on your listings every two weeks, choose the best photo as the main image initially, and change it to keep the listing fresh and maximise its performance.

Rich media, such as video, is proven to drive engagement – over 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day* and the video trend continues to grow. So look at incorporating it in your property listing for an uplift in views and enquiries.

Something to write home about

Once you’ve got your campaign planned and your listings up to scratch, it’s time to start getting it out there. If you’ve chosen the right mix of channels, pinned down your target audience, nailed the messaging and created engaging delivery, you’ll be right on track.

The beauty of digital media is that you can test and learn, and respond to findings by altering your advertising in a more agile way

Integrated digital campaigns can be tough to pull off, but the beauty of digital media is that you can test and learn, and respond to findings by altering your advertising in a more agile way. By trying alternative messaging or channels to optimise your campaign, you’re more likely to reach and impact your target audience, bringing in a higher volume of qualified leads.

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*Source: Fortunelords 2018 

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