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J.C Wolfcastle
J.C Wolfcastle

JC founded DealMakerz alongside David in 2017, with the objective of providing interesting, topical real estate news to the UK’s property community. He has experience in the financial sector, property development and design. He is the Editor in chief for the publication. You can reach him at jcwolfcastle@dealmakerz.co.uk.

David Goldstein

David has a broad experience in investment banking and economic analysis. He initially contributed in-depth articles on the site, including an ground-breaking analysis on a then unelected and largely ignored Donald Trump. He is now oversees operations and strategy at DealMakerz, you can reach him at david@dealmakerz.co.uk.

Emily Perryman
Emily Perryman

Emily is an award-winning journalist with 11 years of experience in finance and property reporting, writing for FT Money and The Independent. A rising star within the industry, she broke the news that the ex-Chairman of Countrywide was expecting the group to split. To reach Emily, email emily@dealmakerz.co.uk.

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