6 PropTech Companies That Could Change The Industry Over The Next 2 Years

The world of PropTech is exploding, as you can see from this infographic about PropTech Companies.

With the number of companies working in the industry increasing every day, it’s hard to know which ones we should be paying the most attention to.

In an attempt to help sort through the crowd, I’ve come up with a list of 6 companies who I think are going to have a hugely important impact on the PropTech industry in the next two years:


COO of Reposit, Jude Greer. Source: Twitter

Reposit provides an online alternative to the tenancy deposit scheme in the UK, providing affordability for tenants and enhanced security for landlords.

I believe that they a going to be hugely influential company over the next couple of years. With rent prices skyrocketing, people need to save every penny possible. A security deposit can often be as much as 6 week’s worth of rent. In parts of London this number goes over £2,000.

Reposit, however, only require one week’s rent as a deposit, at which point they will cover the remainder with the landlord. This saving gives renters far more freedom and choice which, looking forward, is going to become a more and more important and popular alternative to traditional security deposits.

“Tenancy deposits are an outdated method of protection.” says Jude Greer, COO of Reposit. “They are flawed and open to fraud as well as being statistically unnecessary. With more people renting, and costs increasing, this becomes an ever increasing financial burden on tenants. Reposit makes it more affordable for tenants, easier for agents and provides insurance backed cover for landlords.”


A screenshot from Eyespy360’s virtual tour platform. Source: Eyespy360

As the UK’s leading self service 360 virtual tour platform, Eyespy360 allows for the instant distribution of 360 degree property tours across web, mobile, desktop & virtual reality headsets. The tours are directly compatible with Zoopla, Rightmove & Realla.

The real promise here is that creating virtual tours is historically a very expensive and complex procedure. Eyespy360’s self service element dramatically cuts down on time and money, opening the technology up to far more people.

VR experiences and 360 tours are already in high demand. The major players in property are already deeply committed to progress in this area and through Eyespy360 smaller firms or even independent property professionals can start competing for the attention of the market – a vital element of a competitive and open industry.

“Our self service platform is enabling our global customers to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively future proof their product offering” said Andrew Nicholls, Director of Eyespy360. “Consumers across all genres demand rapid cross platform interaction when considering a purchase…our technology is allowing estate agents and their customers to circumnavigate waste, be it time or effort.”


Property stalwart Ed Mead started Viewber after spending 20 years at Douglas & Gordon. Source: BBC

Viewber is an outsourced viewing service for the property industry.

For the purposes of an example, if you are an agent who, for whatever reason, cannot make it to a property viewing personally, Viewber will send a trusted person in your place.

I think they’re heading for big things because of the changing expectations of home buyers/renters. In this modern world, convenience is no longer a luxury but an expectation. Potential buyers do not want to have to work around the schedule of their agent and so get frustrated if they are forced to do so. With Viewber, that agent can simply pass the responsibility on and within a matter of hours, have someone ready to help with the viewing.


CEO Marc Figueras pitching his KeyNest idea. Source: YouTube

This is a really interesting one and also has potential to work nicely with Viewber, above.

KeyNest are working hard to provide a solution to the problem of safely providing keys to a property without having to do it yourself.

If, for example, you’re an Airbnb owner with a property in London but you live in America, arranging key collection for your guests can be incredibly complicated and risky. Keynest provide safe locations with single use security codes where keys can be collected and dropped off safely at the convenience of your guests.

Airbnb gets bigger by the minute, and anything that can help smooth out the admin process of being an Airbnb owner is almost certainly destined for success.


The Airsorted team in London. Source: ETC

If a key service isn’t enough, Airsorted, another company feeding into the success of Airbnb, provide a full property management service.

Not only do they cover every imaginable aspect of renting out your Airbnb, from clean linens and home replenishments to 24hr check-in and guest communications, but they also promise to help you make the maximum profit possible from your property.

They do this with the help of very clever technology and market knowledge, ensuring that you are always getting the most from your investment.


I’m in: StaySafe Founder Graham Mills started his career as a surveyor. Pictured here receiving a business award from ex-Dragon Theo Paphitis. Source: Technics

StaySafe is an innovative and award winning smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring solution which provides personal protection for lone workers anywhere in the world.

The magic of StaySafe is that it works across all industries. Their aim to help ensure the safety and well-being of workers who are out on their own. Anyone from air conditioning engineers working on site alone, often at great heights and with heavy loads, to community care workers entering strange properties unaccompanied can use StaySafe to keep in touch with their employer and alert them immediately of any danger they may find themselves in.

I believe that a combination of two factors suggest that solutions like StaySafe are likely to become increasingly popular; firstly, more and more people working remotely than ever before, and secondly, health and safety concerns and obligations are more stringent now than ever before, especially in industries that work within or in partnership with the public sector.

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It goes without saying that these are just 6 of many companies who would have been worthwhile mentioning here. But these are the 6 that I am really excited by. They are young enough to still be honing their product, yet established enough that we can see their true potential.

I’d love to know what you all think. Maybe I’ve missed a real treasure of a company? Reach out to DMZ and let us know your thoughts.

James Dearsley is Founder of the Digital Marketing Bureau and a PropTech communicator. To sign up to James’ Sunday PropTech Review, click here.

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