£4.95m Luxury Mews House Features Programmable Windows

A newly redeveloped Kensington mews house offers a range of high tech features including a cinema room with programmable windows which allow the householder to choose any view they would like from the room.

Other luxurious features packed into the compact property just on the market at £4.95m include electronic tinting privacy windows, 10 dock mounted iPad Minis to control lighting, heating and music in every room, a Bang & Olufsen phone system, and a rooftop terrace with open fire-lit seating area, a barbecue, hot tub and outdoor TV. The spec also includes bespoke joinery with cedar and cherry wood finishes inspired by luxury yacht design.

Speaking to Metro selling agent James Robinson of Lurot Brand says this is the most luxurious mews home he has seen, commenting: “The thing about mews houses is that you never know what is behind the front door. The front needs to stay the same but you can do what you like inside, that’s why people find them such fun. They think small poky stables but you can double the size and make best use of space; they can be exceptional.”

This is an intriguing project in that the developer has turned what is quite an ordinary looking and diminutive property into a luxurious ‘mini mansion’. It will be interesting to see what the market makes of a £4.95m high end house that has everything – except space.

Source Metro
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