1,200 Ft London Roof Garden Features Power Station Views

London’s latest roof garden will feature panoramic views over London, as well as a view over the new Battersea Power Station development.

Battersea Roof Gardens will have a 1,200 ft long ‘forest in the sky ‘, a fitness deck, a lawn for sunbathing and a rooftop swimming pool. The gardens will include a copse of young maple, birch and aspen trees, some with hammocks strung into their branches. Individual plants have been chosen for their year round colour and will be anchored to protect them from high winds.

James Corner, the landscape architect who is also behind New York’s High Line linear park and the spectacular Olympic Park planting in 2012 at the Foster & Partners designed Battersea Roof Gardens says: “The fact it is raised up so high means you get some extraordinary views of the Thames and really unusual close-up views of Battersea Power plant. And it is a linear site, which immediately suggests some sort of journey or pathway.”

The idea of sitting out on a – most likely windswept and rain battered – rooftop with a view of a former power station would not be most people’s idea of fun in much of Britain. But this is London and different standards apply. Initial images certainly make it all look very appealing and so it’s easy to see why residents in search of a truly unique experience will be attracted to the scheme.

Source Battersea
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