1,000 Foot Flower Tower Planned For City

A tulip-styled tower one thousand feet high is being planned for a prime City of London site.

It is proposed that the building will incorporate ‘internal slides’ and ‘moving transparent pods’ for visitors to ride in. It will also operate solely as a cultural and visitor attraction – offering 20,000 free visits to schoolchildren annually – and will not incorporate any commercial or residential space.

The building is being designed by Foster + Partners, designers of the famous Gherkin, and funded by billionaire Jacob J. Safra’s Bury Street Properties.

If planning is granted the building could be complete by 2025. It would become the UK’s second highest building only slightly shorter than The Shard – which visitors can already ascend for up to £32 a go.

Operating a visitor attraction as a sideshow to a landmark building, Shard-style, is one thing. But building and operating it solely as an attraction is quite another. Given the land values in this part of the City it’s difficult to see how any investor could prefer it over commercial or even residential uses. The concept, however, is sure to create some useful publicity.

Source BBC News
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